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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

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When I say… “I am a Christian”
I’m not shouting “I’m clean livin.”
I’m whispering “I was lost,”
Now I’m found and forgiven.

When I say…”I am a Christian”
I don’t speak of this with pride.
I’m confessing that I stumble
and need CHRIST to be my guide.

When I say… “I am a Christian”
I’m not trying to be strong.
I’m professing that I’m weak
and need HIS strength to carry on.

When I say… “I am a Christian”
I’m not bragging of success.
I’m admitting I have failed
and need God to clean my mess.

When I say… “I am a Christian”
I’m not claiming to be perfect,
My flaws are far too visible
but, God believes I am worth it.

When I say… “I am a Christian”
I still feel the sting of pain,
I have my share of heartaches
So I call upon His name.

When I say… “I am a Christian”
I’m not holier than thou,
I’m just a simple sinner
who received God’s good grace, somehow.

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Sunday, September 6, 2009

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"We are a Dying Breed"

To every guy that has said, "You're beautiful."

To every guy that has said, "Sex CAN wait."

To every guy that was never too busy to drive across town to see her.

To every guy that gives flowers and a card.

To every guy who has given her flowers just because.

To every guy that said he would die for her.

To every guy that really would.

To every guy that did what she wanted to do.

To every guy that cried in front of her.

To every guy that she cried in front of.

To every guy that holds hands with her.

To every guy that hugs her when she's sad.

To every guy that hugs her for no reason at all.

To every guy who would give their jacket up for her.

To every guy that calls(or texts) to make sure she got home safe.

To every guy that would sit and wait for her for hours just to see her for ten minutes.

To every guy that would give his seat up.

To every guy that just wants to cuddle.

To every guy that reassured her that she was beautiful no matter what.

To every guy who told his secrets to her.

To every guy that tried to show how much he cared through every word and every breath.

To every guy that thought maybe this could be the one.

To every guy that believed in her dreams.

To every guy that would have done anything so she could achieve them.

To every guy that never laughed at her when she told him her dreams.

To every guy that walked her to her house.

To every guy that gave his heart.

To every guy who prays that she is happy even if he is not with her.

To every guy who is willing to wait for years just to prove his love for her.

To every guy who still prioritizes God instead of making the girl as the sun of his life.

...This one bulletin post is for you...

Not many girls appreciate nice guys anymore... And because of this, there are not many left out there... I guarantee 90% of the men on your page will not repost this because they care more about their image. If you are a nice guy repost this with "We're a Dying Breed " If you are a girl that thinks every guy should treat a girl this way repost this with: "To Every Guy"

Got this from Ptr./DJ Jordan Escusa from the GENERATION CONGREGATION Church. If you want to know him, visit www.thejesusrocker.multiply.com

I posted this so I can tell everyone that I already moved to Tumblr. Not that I moved MOVED, but I would definitely update it more than this blogspot account. Yet, I won't and never delete this 'cause many people were inspired by this blog. You can follow me there, everyone is welcome. Any way, TUMBLR is BETTER AND MUCH EASIER I can say. You can share photos, videos, links, quotations and anything easily. If you know why I blog, then you'll appreciate my commendation. God bless you and hope to see you in Tumblr :P


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Friday, May 22, 2009

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I just posted another journal on my Multiply account, besides publishing one because of this issued Hacker named CHRISTOPHER BUTTERFIELD. Oh btw, I don't know if it's true but it's always better to be careful especially those who just adds and accepts contact invitations without knowing them personally. Not me!

Just admit it, He is undeniably neglected by many. Totoo naman eh. I can't believe why people doesn't walk what they talk. Maybe it's time for you to absorb this thing :(

One day Satan & Jesus were having a conversation.

Satan had just departed from the Garden of Eden & he was gloating & boasting.
"Yes, sir, I just caught a World full of people down there. I set me a trap & used a little bait. I knew they couldn't resist. Got 'em all!"

"What are you going to do with them?" Jesus asked.

Satan replied, "Oh, I'm gonna have fun! I'm gonna teach them how to marry & divorce each other, how to hate & abuse each other, how to drink & smoke & curse. I'm gonna teach them how to invent guns & bombs & kill each other. I'm really gonna have fun!"

"..and what will you do when you get done with them?" Jesus asked.

"Oh, I'll kill 'em" Satan glared proudly.

"How much do you want for them?" Jesus asked.

Satan replied, "Oh, you don't want those people. They ain't no good. See, you'll take them & they'll just hate you. They'll spit on you, curse you then kill you. You don't want those people!"

"How much?" Jesus asked again.

Satan looked at Jesus & sneered, "All your blood, tears, & your life."

Jesus said without hesitation, "DONE!"
Then He paid the price at the CROSS. It is finished.

Isn't it funny how simple it is for people to trash God & then wonder why the World's going to Hell?

Isn't it funny how someone can say "I believe in God" but still follow Satan?

Isn't it funny how you can repost a thousand jokes, stories, trivia, videos, pictures, (MOSTLY WORLDLY!) through websites and telecommunications and they spread like wildfire, but when you start viewing such regarding the Lord, you think twice about sharing?

Isn't it funny how you can be more worried about what other people think of you than what God thinks of you?

If you truly love God, don't be ashamed, self centered and WORLDLY. Huwag kang maging makamundo! Puro, "FUN" lang ang iniisip mo?

DON'T YOU KNOW THAT "SATAN-of-this-WORLD" ACTUALLY BELIEVE THAT YOU ARE NOT OF ANY GOOD! Pero.. mas pinipili mo siya, unconsciously. :(

God believes in you, 'cause He cares for you and He knows you personally. You are not of this WORLD, but one of HIS CHILDREN. Love God, and be not ashamed of all the marvelous things He has done for you, share this to everyone.

I don't really know why I opened my Friendster account today and happened to read bulletins out of no where. 'Cause I am rarely interested on the bulletins posted by FS addicts (knowing that 98% of it are just plain nonsense. And I don't use my account actively.) and then I saw this thing from my church mate's FS Bulletin. I altered it big time and emphasized what's needed to be stressed out to everyone.

Let's be random a li'l bit, shall we?
The NBA Playoffs just keeps on getting better and better! Adrenaline rush!! Hahahaha!

Orlando Magic's Center *slash* Star player, Dwight Howard caused an 8 minute delay on the first Playoff game versus (owmehn the bloodied bruised LeBron James' team) Cavaliers! Howard was burning "Superman" at the moment and smashed a full dunk and broke the shot clock! Maintenance crew needed to work with it for a couple of minutes. When the game resumed, Cavaliers took the lead but in the end, was not able to defeat the red hot Magic players with a final score of 107-106 victory ball game. YEAH! 1 - 0!

Source: Yahoo! Sports

Whilst, WEST CONFERENCE - 1 - 0 Baby! Lakers did it again. Bryant scored 40 points, including six free throws in the final 30 seconds, to give the Lakers a 105-103 victory after being outplayed most of the game. I think, Chauncey Billups did what Carmelo Anthony should've done. But then again, I'm a Laker fan, who cares! Hahaha! Kudos, KOBE! (Yes, maybe he's a "BALL HOG" at least he's not infected with Swine Flu! LoL. corny)

Speaking of Swine Flu, this is from a good friend of mine, Joyce Miramar from Word of Hope Church also, a Pastor'sKid she is! Our Facebook status:
Study shows that Swine Flu Virus (H1N1-influenza A) is acquired through air. Ecologists says that the best way to clean the air is by rain. We Filipinos wonder "Why rain in summer?" God said, "You'll see!" Now you know He has plans for you, not to harm us but to prosper us, give us hope and better future.. THAT'S HOW GREAT GOD IS! :D:D
Medyo iniba ko na kasi kaya hindi na 'yan original. These few lines are very moving and encouraging. God really is control of anything and everything! Tonight, as of 11PM something, (Bandila time slot) DOH announced that there's already a confirmed case of Swine flu. How dreadful to hear that because since that influenza started to scare our country, I was really praying that no Filipino people will be inflicted by it. But then the bad news kept echoing into my ears now. The News said that a 10-year old girl from USA(?) arrived around May19? and accumulated high fever and sore throats the day after she and her family arrived so she went through the Thermal Scanner leaving the Airport officials with no worries. As of now, it leaves the whole country with a very big turmoil to face.. MALAPIT NA PASUKAN! AS for now, I am really afraid to go out. I mean, seriously, I was fear stricken though I know God will never let bad things happen to me. I really thank God for He did not allow us to go on vacation like REAL VACATION (going to different places) for I am really scared that I or one of my relatives get near to being infected of the said airborne virus. Instead, He made us busy with ministering to people. Church Ministries! Oh Lord, please touch those who needed your healing hands.. and let not that virus infect any one starting right now.

..and for another disappointing News, I pity Katrina Halili a lot. As well as with the other girls involved with the "Sex Scandal Videos" of Dr. Hayden Kho. I am not in favor of Prostitution, Perversity, SEX VIDEOS and such especially when a PROFESSIONAL is behind those humiliating acts. Who will be in favor, I may say? Grabe lang talaga. Is he out of his mind? It's a big disgrace for him, for his school -UST pa naman.. for his profession and colleagues. It's a big deal for me not because the involved persons are TV Personalities, babae ako eh. (Uyy. First time hahaha) ..and for a fact that I am a Christian, I know what's right in the eyes of people and in the eyes of GOD. I salute Senator Revilla and also Katrina for fighting for her right. What a brave girl kahit alam niyang she's somewhat humiliated because of this issue. Shame on you, Dr. Hayden Kho, and to those who are responsible for scattering those controversial scandalous deeds of perversity!

Speaking of TV, hahaha nagtataka 'yung pinsan ko bakit daw alam ko 'yung "Mukhasim" ng Wowowee. I commented on her latest album which shows her "nene pictures".. Sayang lang kasi lahat ng pictures naming Fab Five nung mga bata pa eh nasa akin. At tamad ako mag upload because I have so many as in MANY (Manny Pacquiao hahaha corny ko eh?) pending uploads and drafts. Ugh!

(Mas cute pa si Tita Pie eh. Hahaha!)

Jeah: Congratulations ikaw ang MUKHASIM! LOLOLOLOL.
Mae: si kuya mark ung sa igiling giling :)) hahaha. kk. congrats, nanunuod ka na ng tv ngayon. hahaha.

Hahaha. I'm happy to know that TRINA ETONG's case's now closed. Sa totoo lang, true to honesty, I look up and admire Ted Failon so much. I manage to listen to him and Ms. Korina Sanchez sa DZMM. I love them as commentators and journalists. Eh pare, kaparehas ko sila ng Fields of interests! Journalism and study of clean and pure Politics. Haha! TRUE ENOUGH. I know Mr. Ted is innocent since April 15, 2009. Grabe 'yan pa 'yung napiling date para mangyari 'yung case na 'yan. Uhm, sobrang fed up na kayo ng news. Sports, Showbiz(?), at Current Events! HAHAHA.

Nagtataka lang ako. Bakit sobrang daming nag co-comment sa pictures ko sa Facebook eh nasa Multiply naman 'yung karamihan. At, at, ang daming nag uusap sa wall ko. Mga adik kong kaibigan, oo! Hahah! At alam niyo ba, BADTRIP eh! Yung 30 minute video namin sa Pol Sci, na ako gumawa, GRABE inuplaod ko kanina sa YouTube.com. Tinanggalan ba naman ng Audio! LINTIK NA! Yung mga sex scandal nga may tunog eh at napapanuod na ng buong mundo! (oh, paano ko nalaman na may tunog yon? Napanuod ko na kasi. Hahahaha! Oh, bawal mag joke?) Samantalang 'yung napaka conservative kong video para sa school requirement......... restricted daw dahil walang copy right? Hahaha! Sabagay, kasi yung iba nga naman dung clips downloaded straight from YouTube din. I'm half guilty, a'right?

..sa Multiply ko na lang inupload. God bless! :>

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The greatest woman in the world..
Sunday, May 10, 2009

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.. is she.

Related or not related, everyone is so dear to her and she is so dear to everyone. Maybe that's why almost anyone calls her 'Mommy Eps', given that Eppie is her nickname. 'Tita Eden' to my barkada and friends.. and simple as 'Mommy' to me and my siblings. Whatever they call my mom, I know for myself that she's the greatest woman in the world.

"The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world."
- W.L Ross

My mom trained me in the way that I should be trained. Together with my Dad who greatly influenced me to become a great person. In my younger years, I already live as if I am responsible to everything that's happening around me. People to me, is a burden. Not in a mean way, but I have this burden that once I knew a person, I always feel that I have to lead him/her to God no matter what it takes me. This drive and inspiration, I utterly believe, came from my Mom (Also from Dad, of course.). A great servant of the Lord.

I love unconditionally. Though I have limitations and weaknesses, I love so much. Even though people tend to treat my less reasonably than my good intentions deserve, I give everything out of love. I SACRIFICE a lot. I suffer too much for the welfare of all the people I love.. I show my utmost love from the simplest to the most complex way that I can. Sometimes, I think that's the only mistake that I can forever tolerate in my whole life - being kind to those who are not deserving. But then again.. I was trained by my Mom to reflect God's love. God's amazing and unconditional love.

She practically taught me to care for my siblings as if I suffered laboring for them. Even to my Kuya, I tried and will always try to take care of him like Mommy does. And to Wiess, I will always be a mother-figure to her that she can still cry to me about boys even if I have my own family already. That's how much I love Kuya and Shobe... that I would never ever waste my time enjoying the world and forgetting how important they are to me. I would leave everything for them. Just like how much a mother cares for her children.

Her joy is everything to me. I cannot simply say that I'm her life's pride though I can say I make her proud most of the time. She taught me how to be dedicated to everything. Giving a hundred and one percent to every deed, in every aspect. Whether it's for my studies, for my service for the Lord, for my friends and loved ones, and even for a simple house chore.

I am not a perfect daughter but I would never ever take the risk of being near to an imperfect and rebellious child. I regret those times that I would answer back to her when she nags and nags about my mistakes. But that happens all the time. I would always make mistakes, and I continue to realize... that's why she exist.. to mold me for my betterment. That's why Mothers exist. She maybe kind of elated right now because of reading this simple yet articulate literacy. But heck, these are just words. I hate the fact that she is far from my grips and I cannot hug and kiss her when I needed and wanted to. But I know God always makes her feel how much we miss and love her..

I cannot point out and enumerate those things that I learned from my Mom here. Though I wanted to list all of them, this blog won't be able to accommodate every good values and lessons one can learn from Dr. Eden Pascual La Guardia. It's just that, I learned so much from her and I will forever take those things until the day that I myself would handle my own family.

If God would only tolerate IDOLATRY then I would exuberantly, enthusiastically IDOLIZE my Mom for her very unique way of upbringing her children (and husband too ;p). She's not just a woman of God, but a woman of substance. She has something that anyone would adore and look up to. I don't know what to say any more.. but the only thing that I want to stress out here is that, without my Mom, there would be no the-fun-to-be-with, loving friend, born leader, talented and gifted Jahaziel Ann Pascual La Guardia living in favor right now.

Mommy, I love you so much. Ingat ka diyan palagi! Predicaments in life doesn't matter as long as we're binded by God in spirit. Thank you Mommy for just being you. I love you, and I will never get tired of uttering it to you and to every people that you touched. I would not be who I am right now - "THE JEAH EVERYONE IS LOOKING UP TO" if you were a complacent Mother.. so thank you, Ma! We miss you and we really love you.

A late HAPPY MOTHER's DAY to all your hot mommas! ;)
Ang hirap pala mag PM sa text sa lahat ng kakilala ko sana natanggap niyo yung pag bati ko sa Moms niyo. Next time ko na ike-kwento ang nangyari sa Mother's day, Sunday! :)

P.S. Matuturing ko na ngang Nanay sarili ko dahil sa mga responsibility na ipinagkatiwala sakin ni Mommy. Ang hirap.. for almost 4? years.. pero patuloy kong nare-realize na mas mahirap ang pinagdaanan ni Mommy kesa sa akin. MAHALIN NIYO MGA NANAY NIYO, guys! :)

P.P.S Sa mga nagtatanong kung saan ko nakuha ang maganda kong katawan...XD Ehem.. ask my Hot MOTHER! :P

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Saturday, May 2, 2009

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Because I slept late.. (okay you got me, I slept around 5am. Hahaha!) .. the result is late wake up time! Haha!

The moment I woke up, I saw the kasambahays watching Wowowee and what the heck it's nearly 1PM already! Funny thing is this - this incident is very unusual. I really don't know why my body clock changed a lot for the past I-don't-know days. I usually sleep late but also wake up early as possible. Like around 6 to 8 in the morning. Okay, no big deal since it's summer but It kind of irritates my system. LOL!

And then.. since the show (Wowowee nga! Yes I do watch it! Kasi wala akong tigil sa katatawa pag napapanuod yon! 'Pag nasa bahay lang. Eh minsan lang ako ma-imprison sa bahay since I am a very busy woman. ) entertained me much, time flew so fast that I merely recognize that it's near 2PM already. I hurried off, took a bath and didn't eat a thing nor plunge any liquid into my throat, went of to church for Corban Wheels Training. Late comers won't be tolerated anymore. We really need to be strict. It's a disgrace for me because I'm part of the leadership team and I, myself, cannot follow simple rules like punctuality. In fact it's not even a rule. It's practicing our professionalism and.... EXCELLENCE. Especially that we are indeed workers of God.

I arrived at church 15 minutes late and was not surprised to see a lot of them in a huge circle discussing important thing already. Yes, today's the day that we are ought to announce to the whole Corban members that the whole concert thing is dumped into scratch and is not possible anymore. The good thing is the leaders know how to put a little bit of suspense and was not able to tell it before the exhortation. "Ba't lagi niyo kaming binibitin?" - Joan. "Ang hirap talaga pag bitin ano? *imitiating the Ariel TV commercial* puera lang sa telenovela ha?" - Jhuart. Hahaha!

EXCELLENCE was the topic and Kuya Renz discussed it. Whilst the exhortation was going on, there are still many late comers. Kuya Renz uttered that in God's ministry like ours - dealing with arts and talents, we need not to be ordinary because we are serving a great big God. And I do agree with that. "You have the biggest drive, you have the greatest reason, you have the greatest inspiration to step up and excel, why not do it now? Why not start right away? Kailngan pa bang ipagpa bukas ang pag e-excel for God? Do you think you have much time? No, you don't have. But it's never too late to be excellent at this moment. You have all the reason not to settle in mediocre things, do it now." - Kuya Renz. What a very powerful speaker and.. dancer haha!

Then after a prayer, a'right! The moment of truth. Haha! Ate Ghen announced the result of our overnight meeting last Sunday. She started it off with a laugh. Hahaha! She always start everything with a laugh making everyone chuckle with her. Haha! "*laughs hard* Ano ba gusto niyo...*laughs* good news muna o.. *laughs* bad news?*laughs hard*" Haha! Tawa ng tawa! And then.. the announcement came out of her mouth at last. I though she will never stop laughing that moment, adik eh! Haha! What's good with the members is that I didn't notice anyone who frowned nor made a complain-looking face. Instead, everyone was okay with it. It gone better when we announced the better news. That Corban Wheels Ministry is finally, in God's grace was recognized as a church ministry and was included to be part of the opening of the 4:30 service every Sunday. YES, EVERY SUNDAY! Making ourselves more busy with the ministry, more busy with the people we're ministering to and more busy giving God the glory and highest worship! Yay! And since we really need to cheer them up, especially those who are upset of the said canceled concert, I finally spoke and encourage them to give the same or more effort for every presentation knowing that a concert is just composed of multiple presentation and no concert will be possible without any of those tiny presentations. It only means that htey have t exert more willingness, more heart, more passion on what they have to do in every presentation, big or small, it's still for the King of kings and Lord of all the lords. Of course, inside jokes were included. Mawawala ba ang pagpapatawa pag si Jeah na ang nagsalita? Haha! NO WAY...

..Fun! Anyway, Joyce and Patricia are back to training! Thank God, Joyce was okay after killing herself sa Ateneo trainings niya. Yeah, she's a CADs (Crew of Ateneo Dancers) member. Corban Theater separated from Corban Dance and training was held. Ate Flor conducted the warm-ups. Grabe lang eh! Hahaha! She's so flexible that she can do any kind of splits or skills that that deals into stretching your legs apart. Woah! Hahaha! And then conditioning. What can we expect? Kuya Renz led the conditioning starting with the bicycles crunches. "Go Team Pacquiao!!" - Jeah. Hahaha! We were like boxers training for a pound for pound boxing match. And now, my abdomen's fighting with pain. Haha! and many more crunches and push-ups. Arch! Bridge! My favorite bending. I can do it always, regardless of the use haha kidding! Thanks muscles, for cooperating! LOL! "You have to maintain the L form like forever" - Kuya Renz, talking about one of the conditioning that we did. Nakakaloko! Ang sakit! Haha!

..and then skills training. At first our mats were out for use again, so he boys trained for their stunts. While I, trying to figure out what is my right cartwheel form, thought the right cartwheel form to the newbies Dayanna and Ruth and to the not-so-newbie-yet-not-so-oldie (what a term) RonRon. Ang labo diba? Hindi ko maisip ang right form ng cartwheel ko tapos tinuruan ko pa sila ng right form ng cartwheel. Hahah! 'Kay, blame me if they got it wrong. Haha! Then.. all of a sudden, Kuya Renz caught my attention.. "Jeah! Jeah!" ..... *I am drinking water...* "J! San ka? J!" "Kuya? bakit po?" "Back walk tayo." Men! Back walk training! To be honest my back is killing me because of pain since yesterday night for I don't know reason.. but still, I want to learn the Back Walk Skill... I can't express the feeling of disappointment every time I do it wrong and land the weird way. Buti may mats kaming gamit. But then.. I cannot also explain the fulfillment every time they will congratulate me for doing it right. Well, it still saddens me that Kuya Renz still have to spot over that skill. I dream of doing skills without a spotter anymore. Pero kailan naman ata yon? Hindi ako magaling na break dancer. *frowns* Please pray for me.. EXCELLENCE FOR GOD, right? RIGHT!

While I was doing my back walk trainings, grabe yung bonding ng CW dancers. Sobrang fun this day. And I felt that they are the best people that I ever met. Super blessed to have them. You know. They are talented and most of the time, super duper hella funny! They cane be great comedians hahahaha! For simple pick up lines they can make my cheek bones hurt sa sobrang katatawa! I love them so much. I'm thankful that despite of what we are ought to do, God still finds a way to give us time to make fun fellowship with each other! Ang cheesy na ba? Hahaha! Forgive me, please. Habang pinagpahinga ako ni Kuya 'cause my back is aching big time, nakapagkwentuhan kami ni RonRon! Yesh! 4th yr na siya this coming school year He just updated me with lots of stories about Roces Teachers. Haha! I miss HS life! Thanks, Ron! Don't worry you'll be a straight Star Section student like me haha! .."All the holy ladies, all the holy ladies, all the holy ladies! Now put your hands up!" - Christian remix of Single Ladies. Hahaha! "Dyaryo boteeeee" - Booty Music, Allen version! At Boylicious, Corban Chapter! HAHAHAH. Oh stop me I'm being addicted to their jokes! Not to mention Janz going down from time to time to join the fun. bakit kasi theater ka pa eh! Hahahahahah! I love you Michael Cabalce! You never change! Ang kulet mo pa rin to the maxmium level of craziness! Haha! Ay si Cheoui! Vasrity ng Badminton sa La Salle and may scholarship grant! Kaka graduate lang niya ng HS sa Trinity U. of Asia. *claps* God bless you sa College!

...5:30, CW Theater went down for our gathered closing prayer. Then, Kuya Andy honestly uttered some confession. We know him, most of the time pikon talaga siya. Pero siya naman talaga number one na makulit haha! Grabe nakaka guilty sobra. Because, I admit, I always make fun of him. Pero ganoon talaga ang bonding namin ever since. Siguro, napipikon siya sa mga hindi na marunong gumalang sakaniya. Since he's the head of CW Theater. Though I always tease him and such, I still respect him. AND LOVE HIM BIG TIME! So yeah, sorry Kuya Andy.. All of us kept silent when Kuya Andy was talking. Haha! Nakakagulat lang. Atchie Angel prayed for our closing.. and we shouted, EXCELLENCE!

Haha hanggang wash room where every one would change clothes because of extreme training, fun pa din. Masaya lang! And then.. Kuya Renz kept on making me curious about my back bone. He knows how paranoid I am to get injuries and body defects from our trainings tapos sobrang tinatakot niya ako na sa likod ko daw ang laki na ng butong nakausli.. "Kaya nga kanina, nagagawa mo na yung back walk diba pero pinagpahinga padin kita.. nakkatakot kasi... grabe na pacheck mo na yan J.." "Weh Kuya, wag mo na ako lokohin I can tell if you're just making fun of me or kung serious ka" HAHA. Seriously, I know Kuya Renz well enough that I can sense if he is serious or kidding around. Hanggang palabas ng parking lot, masaya! Grabe ano ba ito.. I can die any minute haha lol! But every good times has an end. I hafta wati for Dad to fetch me pa so I was not able to walk with them to SM, to TriNoma to ride a jeepney! Haha sayang din yung kulitan na mami-miss ko. Hahahaha!

Around 7Pm, Daddy came with Shobe. At ang bait lang ni Janz because he accompanied me in waiting though madami naman tao sa church. Janz came along and we drop him off sa sakayan niya pauwi. When we arrived home, kumain sandali at nagpahinga. Pagod. Daddy invited me to come with them para mag grocery. Gustohin ko man, pagod na ako. Sobrang lungkot kasi tomorrow will be the 7th day without seeing him, talking to him or texting him. Thanks to Banana Split hahaha! And thanks to Shobe kahit papaano nakausap ko si JP. Aaw. I miss him like a drug pusher misses cocaine. What a simile! HAHAHA. But seriously, I wanna see him now. As in now. *sobs*

FB Updates:

Jovy Cortez to Jeah La Guardia:
Haha.. Tambayan ng people ung profile mo, J! Makulay at mahusay kasi! LOL! Super cute ng posts mo! And it's well appreciated naman!! Super cute ng pics.. Cute din ung may-ari.. Pretty pala.. Cute din ng blog..soooooo Fab!!!:p
6 hours ago · Comment · LikeUnlike · See Wall-to-Wall

- Well I really don't know if Jovy's talking about Multiply or FB here. Kung tambayan - parehong tintadtad ng views at comments ang FB at Multi accts. ko. Haha! Makulay at mahusay - FB is not possible for any alteration. Pics - Hmmm? Hahah! Ang gulo lang ni Jovy! And the blog, I also don't know if she's pertaining to Blogger. Hahaha! Labo but still, nakaka touch. Jovy! Umuwi ka na sa 'Pinas! Hahaha. Parang ganun kadali. Hay bohay! Love you!

Katkat Mariz to Jeah La Guardia:
cge J pahaba ka na din ng hair.wait ko haha. ang cute ng eyes mo ah singkit!:)
7 hours ago · Comment · LikeUnlike · See Wall-to-Wall

- Yeah Kat! Papahaba ako! Kasi kung hindi lang ako nagpagupit baka same length na yung buhok natin! Hahaha! Singkit talaga ako ever since pinanganak. "Chowking" was one of my million pen names when I was a kid. Meron pang "labanos" dahil sobrang puti. Merong pang "Byed" dahil mahilig ako sa tinapay at I call bread as "byed" and many more. Hahah! I just don't have any idea bakit hindi na ako singkit ngayon, at hindi na ako napagkakamalang albino sa kulay ko hahaha!

Jeah La Guardia Aww and now I'm missing my Kuya.. my ultimate best friend left me for his girl :(
Jeah just took the "Who is the most important person to you?" quiz and the result is Your Brother/Sister. -Your best friend is your brother/sister. You've known them your whole life, and they know you best. You can always trust them to understand what you're going through.

.. tapos, si Dess at ang pinsan niya, nag aaway! Hahaha dahil hindi daw ako nag co-comment kay Dess at kay ANgelica na lang kahit hindi kami close. Hahaha! Love you, Dess!

I'mma sleep. (Wow, ako ba ito?)
Good night. God bless. Sorry for he long update!
12 days to go - TWO YEARS! :>

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FEU ONLINE GRADE INQUIRY (A post of failures and encouragements)
Monday, March 23, 2009

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FEU Tamaraw students!! Just to kill the thrill, visit our site to know your grades before you actually put your hands on to your grade slips. Thanks for Danielle for the info. I regret the fact that I didn't try this last semester. Haha! My nervousness before the "judgement day" (which is the class cards release day) almost killed me but my grades turned out to be fine because of God's goodness.

Okay so much for the last sem..
Step # 1 - www.feu.edu.ph
Everyone of you knows how our site looks like but then this could help a little bit.

Step # 2 - Click the 'View Grades' (the red-boxed statement along the 'news' parts. I know you are all literate :P)

Step # 3 - Click the 'here' (Sorry if it seems that I'm making you look like a little dumb-ish here, just trying to help.)

Step # 4 - Enter your school ID number/ Student number and your password/ SchoolTEXT password.

Now here's the "labo" part. Maybe some of you aren't familiar of their schoolText password. If you happen to be familiar to our E-library services, you probably know your password. As far as I know, our default password is our birthday. (You all know that when we evaluate our Faculty Professors electronically every MidTerms) but then if you happen to kind of "changed" it (like in my case because I visited the E-lib once and change my default password out of no where), you have to put your recent password. Ay sana lang nagets niyo ako at sana nakatulong! :P

Click enter and then, *drum rolls will play inside your head*..
if you see any 3.0 there, you'll probably be shutting off your computer or just pull the plug at once. Hahaha! Got you! Just kidding! So happy grade-searching! :)

Oh by the way, here's mine..

My course is AB Mass Communication under the Institute of Arts and Science (IAS) and I wonder why it isn't there. :))

God has been good to me despite my "busyness" besides school. And what's making me busy is the Ministry. Yes, you heard it right. I serve God. That probably is my edge. So I'm encouraging you to join a youth ministry in your church. You'll find studious yet wacky friends that's so cool and fun to hang around! Take it from me, they are God fearing, family oriented and so much lovable and understanding! You'll fine a family in them. To be honest I am surrounded by intelligent people all over me when I'm at church and it helps me to be a better 'me'.

My grades can already be accepted/ is qualified for an Academic Scholarship for the next enrollment. (Yes I am but oh-so-thankful yet worried if a 2.25 grade is still accepted. Some of my Scholar friends say yes and that makes me smile every time I think about the scholarship. Could you please help me confirm this one? Thanks.) I couldn't help it but to continue serving God and praising Him because despite of numerous trials and sufferings that I've been through this seam because of so much pressure and stress, add those personal problems of course, I learned to stand up and try again. And I learned to say "This time, it will be better. It will be different. I'm gonna make it" At least I became stronger after going through diversities of pains and happiness.

Waaaa! That was kind of odd, really. Haha! Now I am to explain what happened to my Algebra. Honestly, I am a proven matured yet a slacker. Well, unprofessional when it comes to 'time' specifically --hey but not always! So my Math1 starts at 7:30 am and I just don't know why I became too slow in the morning add the fact that my ride from home to school is for 1 hour and more. So it came to a point that when I know I'm gonna be late, I won't bother to attend the class anymore. That caused my class standing to diminish for quite some time, but on a lighter note make bawi whenever I attend. I understand Math not much but I don't lament over it when I don't. (I also appreciate it. Sometimes. Most of that sometimes is when I count. Okay, I know that's not funny. Just trying to make this post a feel-good one. Haha!) I neither hate it nor want to kill my prof. Haha! Speaking of Professor, he is good. (And I hope he doesn't engage to any online activities like reading blogs and searching for the sites of his students. Hahaha!) He is way good. He is industrious. VERY industrious that almost every meeting we are piled up of assignments, activities, take home quizzes and such stuff that will make your stomach twist while thinking how to answer them all at the same time. But the only problem is that he is inconsiderate. Well, a bit. A lot of times, we'll be asked to do an activity of some sort. I, being a want-to-make-bawi-student- will definitely do it. In front of him. He knows that I'm doing it. BUT WHEN he announces that it can be passed next meeting, everyone whoops except me. I tend to forget things. And when the next meeting time comes, and you forget the activity, you're doomed big time! He will never accept it anymore even if you bring it the next meetings or even if you join him in his jogging routine around the FEU grounds every morning before his class starts. Yes he jogs. Haha! Despite that, I thank you, Sir Velimento!

As for my Nat Sci-Biology class - Well, I love Biology. Anything connected to the human body and study of life is just amazing to me. Haha! But almost everyone in our class/ section had a problem with her way of teaching. She's a good one but she needs to make her class more interactive. (I slept in her class twice or thrice? Haha! Bad much? But hey, not because I don't want to learn, or she is boring, but because of our sleepless nights trying to finish overloading requirements for the midnight. Despite that, I thank you, Ma'am Mintu!

For my Filipino class, (I have no idea why I attained just a 1.50 grade) but I am thankful because I tend to be a slacker over the MidTerms because our professor together with the lessons that doesn't seem to progress a bit since we started the Prelims. On the other hand, my performance and results of my quizzes, exams and requirements in her class is just fine. So I feel content. Despite that, I thank you, Dr. Mendoza!

So I think I explained it very well. Or not? Haha! That's it, basically. Thank you for those people who trusted me and believed in my potentials and efficacy as a student, a classmate, a friend and a leader. Though my classmates brand me as "monarch" in our Political Science class, and the "Uno ka na dun!" student in some subjects like Psychology and Literature, a "monarch" will never be enthroned without any support. Thank you, thank you, thank you. This has been a fruitful semester to me. All because of those precious friends I met in FEU. Not just because I'm inspired (yiheee *insert some love issues here* haha!) but also because God has been faithful to me, to my family, to my life, to my ministry, to my dance, to us, to everyone, and in return, I want to glorify Him through my studies. And my grades is really dedicated to my Mom (who is working overseas) and Dad who works hard for my schooling as well with my siblings'.

You know guys, studying is also a form of worship. Worship must be seen in our every deed. I am not saying that we must always have a perfect attendance in the library and not to have fun anymore, I'm just saying that if we desire to have good grades, we must first desire to lift Him up. Believe me, if you know how to desire the first one, the second one will just follow without even expecting it to come. God is good and that will never change. God made you to choose. You have a choice -- to be a slacker resulting to low grades or YOU CAN also choose to dedicate it all up to HIM resulting to a fruitful semester like I had. Thank you guys for reading my blog. I don't blog for no reason, I know I touched one part of your heart even just a bit. Hope I helped enhance your courage to set a higher goal next school year! TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY! :D

God bless and happy schooling!
Bless God also! Go fight green and gold! FEU TAMS!

..again, I am not desperate for your comments, I'd be happier to know if you learned something from my post. Comments will still be appreciated.. thank you! :D

EDIT (March 24, '09)
Thanks sa lahat ng comments sa MultiplyBlog ko. ;)

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

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Experience our VERSION of praise. Our VERSION of worship. Our VERSION of freedom.

Extravagant worship. Unlimited praises.

Lives will be saved. Wounds be healed. The blind will see. The mute will sing.

The dead will rise. Cloudless skies will break. The nations will shake.

The angels will sing. Miracles will be seen. Generations will rise.


Stand for what they believe.

It's official! Youth Alive Ministry on Sundays! Starting March 22, 2009. Every 2 to 4 in the afternoon! Still at Faith Auditorium, Word of Hope Main Church infront of SM Annex.

Hey guys, heads up! Farewells need not to be melancholic! We will be having our despedida service, same time same place! The usual Saturday Youth Alive service! It's our last Saturday so don't miss out the fun and blessings on March 21, 5 - 7 PM, Faith Auditorium.

Please spread the news! See you all! Love si Lord

For more information, visit our website- http://www.youthalive.org.ph/

Another announcement, the YA Chat and YA Gallery service in our website is only available to those who are registered members of the said site. If you wish to view the gallery and join the online fellowship through chatting, kindly register so you could log in and log out anytime you want.

Missed a YA gathering? Pastor Marvin Robert and other guest speakers' preachings/ teaching and outlines are now available for downloading in our website! What are you waiting for? You never know, maybe that's the word of the Lord you've been waiting to see!

- xv -

For my blogger friends: (This is just a cross-post to my Blogger account. I wrote it here in mu Multiply acct.) If you happen to be a youth, a bored teenager every Sunday, you can join us and the whole Youth Alive Ministry! And I am telling you, this is a party of a lifetime. Your Sundays will never be the same as well as your life! You're missing out so much! See yah!

And by the way, I will be updating soon. Hahaha! I can't believe I actually forgot my password in blog ger.

For my multiply contacts: Hey you guys, I know a lot of you are Youth Alive attendees and members, don't be ashamed and post this great news for every young people that you know! That's all and have a blessed week!

Please spread the news! See you all! Love si Lord

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'Student' + 'Worshiping' = "Studying"
Monday, January 26, 2009

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Yesterday, I received this text message from my best friend in UP Baguio currently taking up BS Math. "Did you know?.. that the word 'student' came from the word, 'studying' and 'dying'? I know right!" Actually that was a group message and he was greeting everyone a good night sleep though it's already 1:00 AM and perhaps he's still up because of studying. You know the usual cramming thing. Haha. I edited it with Bes' consent of course! Hehe.

"Did you know?.. that the word 'student' came from the word, 'studying' and 'dying'? I know right!

But I believe that 'studying' really came from the words 'student' and 'worshiping'.

As students, our primary responsibility to our rights is to study. But as children of God, our primary responsibility is to worship. Studying may be hard, but doing it as if God is your Teacher, makes it easy. Worship is a lifestyle, it must be seen in every deed. Go students for Christ!"

Ayun natulugan nga ko ni JP ng bandang 1:04AM. I buzzed him several times and even called his computer baka magising.. 1:45AM na nagising. Hay then I was disappointed because he left me online. I'm used to it though. I slept around 3-4AM and because of that I was not able to attend Filipino and Psychology (my favorite subject!!) because I finished the requirement in Psych also. I estimated the remaining time that I have until 10:30.. I thought I would just be absent for Filipino but I was wrong.. and I am sick. Sick like anytime I could actually faint..

(Fact: Our printer is broken.)
Daddy: Oh san mo yan pinrint?
Jeah: Ha? Bakit?
D: Yan san mo pinrint?
J: Alin ba??
D: Ayan.. patingin nga..
J: Ah ito? It's my penmanship! Are you my Father?
D: *laughs* Bilib ako sa anak ko parang computerized!

Ahaha. It made me laugh that my Daddy was not able to recognize my penmanship and he actually though it was computerized. LOL! What do you think? Walang laitan ng penmanship ah.

When I was about to finish my requirement and the remaining travel time for me is just enough to pass this home work on time, I'm still having second thoughts about going to school. I am sick and as far as I can remember, we don't have any important matters to mingle on. But yes, I still pushed through.

Nakatulog ako sa jeep. Arrived at FEU and MC0811 is just about to finish the Psychology Class. Yey! My requirement was passed on time.. or not. I don't know. Kasi pag pinasa after class, minus 5 points kaagad. E pinasa nung dinismiss na sila. Still..my hopes are up!

FEU Food court. We, girls tried our costume for 'Jazz Once' presentation. Morbid. Haha! Though I know Ma'am Lulu will be surprised with our confidence. Speaking of our presentation, Pauline didn't show up again. As usual. Well, good for us maybe? Hahaha. I didn't eat any heavy meal. As they were eating I used Rizza's laptop to hear Fever and Boogie Wonderland. Unfortunately, Rizza was not able to transfer the file from her PC to her laptop the right way. It turned out that the file was just a shortcut. Hahaha! So they hafta go to Ever to download our song. Bonding with the boys. Actually ESoF boy ako e. Haha! (..I really want to go home but we still need to practice..)

English. We were shocked to see an observer inside the room. I was right, she's the Head Dean of the English Department. Sir Lacsamana's objectives for the day was to review us about Adverbial and Adjectival Clauses. The class was kind of behave and that was unusual hahaha. Sir called for students to give examples about the topic. I was called for an adverbial clause and impromptu, I headed to the white board and wrote my sentence.. "President Arroyo wanted to change the constitution in order that she can lengthen her tenure in office." Nasa "wanted" palang ako.. Prof. Lacsamana killed the silence with.. "Very good! That's what I mean when I say 'don't give me Elementary Sentences'. Very good sentence!" Hahaha. Tas paulit ulit na very good. Nakakatawa lang e. Di pa nga tapos! Any way, the observer went off.. and then Sir announced the Midterm grade. Yey! 84! Aw halos lahat ata line of 7 mababa kasi sila sa Midterm Exam. But I did great and I'm so overwhelmed, Lord! Yey! And bacause Sir was so ecstatic with our performance while the observer is present.. he gave plus points! Plus 3 to those who got line of 7 and plus 1 to line of 8 & 9. Daya. So 85 ako. Hahaha! Moon is the highest as expected from everyone. Because of my head ache due to cough, colds, and fever, I was not able to wisely conceptualize about my essay. It's about the foundation day. I chose he topic.."Relevance of Foundation Day to College Students".

Literature. Quiz about the elements of short story. 35 items. Erasures means wrong. Wala akong alam. Meron. But it's not enough to be confident after taking up the quiz. And the worse part is, that's just the first part. Quiz 2 - we have to give a body and the beginning/exposition to a short story where the resolution/ending was already given. I had a hard time since my state (sick) is an impediment to a very wonderful result. I first thought of the teleserye 'I love Betty La Fea' because the ending was like.. making two choices in life blah blah. But I end up making the story of that teleserye revised. I made the protagonist a very beautiful woman but without brains. Artistic much? Ewan! Haha!

Dismissal. Kim Babes have to photocopy the chants for Speech so I have to go with her because that's our group's copy. Bochog Marvin came with me. Bait. And the rest of ESoF went to the practice area. Tamang laugh trip lang e. I treated Marvin a butterscotch brownie. And he was like.. "I love you bochog i love you pero dahil Monarch ka.. hete padin kita!" Okay. I am telling you, this "Monarch-Monarch" thing never died since then. Haha. Saw Kim D.'s pictures at FEU Studio.

Jeah: Kim! You never told me you were the muse of FEU?
Kim B: Ay oo! haggard nga ako diyan e. Walang make-up! Hahaha!

Actually, the muse was Kim De Guzman. And definitely not Kim Beltrano! Hahaha! "Si Ben oh! Halatang may pagtingin na talaga kay Kim noon pa e" - Marvin. "At san nakatingin? *turo* sa legs, pare!!" - Jeah. Haha. We saw a picture of the FEU Basketball team with Kim D.

SB513. Our last sem's Computer Lecture room. It was already dark. Very dark. It's past 6PM. I first thought of dividing the chants to our members then formulated the tune wherein it will fit Boogie Wonderland. I went out with Rizza's laptop because the room was so noisy 'cause they were brainstorming for the presentation. Marvin and Yuji went our from time to time to check me at literal na nagpapatawa sila to cheer me up. Pretending that they are raping each other. Hahaha! After 20 minutes of being alone... I went inside and started teaching them their tunes and lines from the chant. Imagine this lines inserted to a Jazz music. And tell me how difficult it is! Oh, please? Haha! Sobrang hirap talaga.

Taking Credit
Whose book is this?
Whose book is this?

It's mine! It's mine!

Are you sure it's not yours?

No! No! It's mine!

Whose book is this?
This beautiful work!

It's mine! it's mine!

Whose book is this?
This awful work!

It's his! It's his!
Are you sure it's not yours?

Of course It's not mine!
It's certainly not mine!
Not mine! Not mine!

Ang saya to practice with ESoF. Bonding din kasi e. Rizza taught a 16 count choreo. We also made steps with our partners. Si Yuji sakin! YEY! Sobrang tawanan din kasi solo namin yun place. Wala ng nagkaklase. Vinedeohan namin yung practice. And it was one heck of a fun! Wala lang. The "about face" became "backspace" may be because Marvin just recovered from a severe-fever-to-mumps-illness. Hahaha! And every successful run-through of the Fever part, Carlo will butt in singing a loud Boogie Wonderland and everyone will just party their hearts out. Parang nga akong walang sakit e. Hahaha!

Another video where you can hear Marvin sing Fever -- CLICK HERE.

It's not finished though but at least we're quite ready for tomorrow. God will take control. Thank God for cooperative group mates. I love Elite Society of Friends!! At 8:00PM, we left the campus. It was my first time to go home that late. Looked for an FX with Erzel. Riding a jeep is not pedophile safe.

Slept immediately.
Pray for me/us! :>

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Viva Jesus Christ!
Saturday, January 17, 2009

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I stayed at home because our plan to go to Daddy's office at Makati didn't push through because of some impediments.. actually I don't know why. I'm disappointed because it's already planned and all. You know. Haha! Maybe he doesn't really like to go there. He's not interested.

I watched Wowowee! I sent group messages to almost all my contacts to support my class mate. Haha! There's no need to vote though. Ate Jovy watched wit
h me, and whenever Kim will be captured by the camera, she will shout "Si Kim! Si Kim!" Hahaha. Close?

Apparently, I know Wowowee is a good show especially when you're in your EMO state. (Kasi sobrang nakakatawa yun. Though hind
i ako nanunuod ng TV. Hindi ako mahilig. Pag Basketball lang and Wrestling. AT CARTOONS! Hahaha!) So I don't have to blabber on what happened. I presume mostly watch the noon time show.

I just consider my life blessed because I had the chance to meet and know a person with beauty, brains, and GOOD CHARACTER. Kim is an ideal woman for me. Nakaka-tomboy talaga. Hahaha! Joke! I mean, she's down to earth despite the fact that most people admire her so much and looks up to her like she's a goddess. Ahaha! Sobrang kulit niya. Hindi siya maarte. And never did she like to be the center of attention. But she has the guts. And that's a plus factor.

Conratulations Miss Fitrum contestant #9 Kim de Guzman! First Runner-up!
Sayang! But for us Bogart, you're the winner! We love
Hahaha. We call her Bogart because I originated the story that she used to be a man and her name was Bogart and he underwent gender change. Ahaha. But that's not true.

Pag LOSER ka, ganito itsura mo. Haha!

At last, nagbati din kami. Or not? Not sure! I hurried and went to TriNoma just to know that hindi pa siya ready. I roamed around 5:00 na wala parin. Dumating na 5PM something.. Medyo nabad trip na ako non e. Kasi male-late ako sa YA. Brothers Burgers. Kain. Tampuhan effect. Walk out and such. Hahahah!

Youth Alive. The service was held at the Mezzanine Level because both auditoriums will be utilized by some organization. For a concert, maybe. Full packed ang aqua room. "Aquarium" as we call it. Praise God. Joyce is back. And Neil. Haha. I led the prayer for Roces Grp and Co. and then flees to Cobran's circle. Nag sermon ako. Well, sort of. A quick update: There are many new members who joined Corban Wheels Ministry and the way I see it, they don't have any respect sa mga leaders. I do admit I have the guts to play around with the leaders. And the reason is, ganoon na kami mag bonding. And I'm part of the Leadership Committee. At para sa mas madaling explanation, CLOSE KO SILA. But it doesn't give me any permission to be rude at them. Kung serious, serious. Kung joke time, joke time. But then the new members are way different. Ang babastos. Ang iingay. Walang galang. SO nag sermon ako. I generalized it though yung kaunting members lang ang gusto kong sabihan.

"Kaming mga staff, may bond na kami with the Leaders na siguro di niyo maintindihan dahil sobra kaming makipaglokohan sa kanila.. but we still have respect in our words and actions. Kahit hindi sila mukhang kagalang galang (inside joke that everyone laughed) pero dapat sila galangin. Kasi matatanda na yan.. di magtatagal uugud ugud na sila (inside joke again ahhaha!).." And blah blah blah. Sana may natamaan. Kasi nakakabastos talaga. It's not even an attitude of a decent Christian. Papansin. Hehe.

Any way, we, Shobe and I went to Project 8. Yeeey! Strings of Faith band (Roces and Co. Cell mates) played sa street concert ng Dominion of Christ Church sa Abra, Congressional. Some YA people are there. Including our elder, Tatay Ted. Kasi yun naman talaga ang church nila. Sumayaw si Maine. God is really using her. Hindi nga sa Word of Hope pero sa ibang church. Yey! And the reason for my title... today is the day where Filipino all around the country start to celebrate fiestas and the chant.."ViVa Sto. Niño!" are already heard from place to place. When we arrived at Abra, there was a long line.. procession of people holding their saint with their left hand and a candle stick on the other. I am not a Catholic but I am a religion hater. I don't like the word religion. I just think that it complicates everything! I believe that relationship with God is the most important thing when we talk about faith and beliefs. And I know that God ain't statues or made by any wooden thing. So I don't favor idolatry -- to any symbols, pictures, etc that may represent Him. So what's the point? While the procession was going on, the Christian Concert is going on too. Yeah! Ang cool cool grabe! Hahaha! Then the pastor of the church spoke "Andito po kami hindi upang buhatin ang aming Diyos bagkus upang sambahin siya at iproklama na siya ay buhay at hindi isang bagay!" and every Christian people went whooping with shouts and praises!

And of course, that's one way to evangelize to people -- from the streets in particular.. JP went to the place since it's walking distance from their house. Ayun. Bati na kami. Hahaha! Ang bait bait ng Panginoon samin! And I couldn't help it but to say in Tagalog. Ahaha. Yes. It's getting late and Wiessy still needs to buy something from the Mall so we went of. She went to the mall and I went with JP. At first we just planned to buy something from a Convenience Store..but then..

JP: Uyy Pizza Hut!
Jeah: Tara..*tawid sa kalsada*
JP: Seryoso ka?
Jeah: Duh? Tawid na!

Haha. We went to Pizza Hut. I was really planning to buy a solo pan but it's not available. Tita Gie called JP asking where he is and all I heard was.. "Andito ako sa Pizza Hut. Pauwi na wag ka matulog may Pizza kami para sa'yo." then... after a pause.. "Si Jeah. Sige Mie sandali lang bye." Mehn! So I am actually forced to buy a regular pan? Haha. Ordered. Habang nag iintay, nag bati na talaga kami. Hindi naman kasi official ang pagbabati namin e. Haha!

Went to there house. After 41,569 years (which is equivalent to 3 months hahaha!) nakabalik din ako sa bahay nila. Not going there is a long story. Okay? And QandA portion with Tita Gie. Haha. Bonding.


"Sa sunog, hindi namin inililigtas ang Diyos namin, bagkus, SIYA ANG MAGLILIGTAS SA AMIN.
Hindi namin binubuhat ang Diyos namin, bagkus SIYA ANG BUMUBUHAT SA AMIN."
- Daddy

I can still remember his lines when he used to preach to different Churches. Napaisip ka ano?
Thank God, 'cause HE IS GOOD! :>

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

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Hahaha. 20 blessed months. :)

It's 2:40 in the morning, it's January 15, 2009!
HAHAHAha-ppy Twenty Prince! :)


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Forgiven and Free!

1991, 16th of October.
A man trapped in a woman's body.
Full time Student. Full time Minister.
FEU Tamaraw Sophomore. AB Mass Communication

An Athlete of God. I dance, perform, minister, serve, share, love and live for Him alone. An advocate of His goodness despite imperfections of the human race.

For Born-again Christians who are passionate for the Lord, not just in words, but also in action and living.

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